When I boarded Bus 401 at North Melbourne train station this morning, I was surprised to find a rather empty bus. On normal days, it will be packed with people during the morning peak hours. I found out the reason upon alighting at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

A large group of nurses, all wearing red T-shirts, were holding a rally outside Royal Women Hospital at the corner of Grattan Street and Flemington Street. TV crews were also present, filming the rally. I guess a large number of passengers who would normally be traveling on Bus 401 at this time are hospital staff who took part in this rally and hence, arrived at the hospital much earlier than usual.

There was a lot of commotion, with a continuous stream of honking from passing vehicles. I was perplexed why these drivers acted so similarly in concert, as though they have rehearsed beforehand.

It was only after I knocked off from work while waiting at the traffic junction to cross the road that I found the answer to my puzzle on the roadside lamp post.

Nurse Rally - Honk your Horn