The three country independents, Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott and Bob Katter, are expected to decide today on who to support. The result can either be a Labor or Coalition Government or a tie, which will see the nation going back to the polls. I think the third scenario is highly unlikely as the three independents will be risking not getting elected in a fresh poll and losing advantage of their current bargaining power in having their demands satisfied.

Altona, which was previously unheard of by many Australians, was thrown into the limelight when Julia Gillard, an Altona resident, became the first female Prime Minister of Australia. Will she be the shortest serving Prime Minister of Australia? Will Altona’s name fade away from the media’s attention or will Altona once again become a hive of journalists’ activities?

Waving to the crowd
From US State Dept, photo by Adam P. Wilson. Link to its Flickr page.

Julia Gillard had insisted on not moving from her Altona house to the Prime Minister’s Lodge in Canberra, until given the mandate by the electorate during the General Election. It would be most people’s dream to be residing at the highest echelon of the nation’s political power. Will she get so close to realizing this dream but to slip away at the last minute? Hopefully, we can know the answer by today.

The Lodge in Canberra
Photo from lions59

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