The Louis Joel Arts Gallery is now showing an art exhibition called “My Backyard”, featuring paintings from two Williamstown ladies, Margot Grant and Mandy McCarthy. This exhibition is scheduled from 12 to 21 November but has been extended to 29 November. It is a prelude to their larger exhibition to be held at the Hilton Hotel in Tullamarine in 2012.

Ladies 04 Ladies 05 Ladies 01

The artists noted that the western suburbs’ landscape is often seen as flat and featureless with no mountains and just sky, water and suburbia. This inspired them to portray in their paintings both the natural and industrial aspects of Williamstown, including the large container ships often seen travelling under the West Gate Bridge.

My Backyard 05 My Backyard 04
My Backyard 03 My Backyard 02

The paintings are available for purchase.