There are some unparalleled views of the Melbourne CBD, Dandenong Mountain Ranges, Westgate Bridge, Williamstown Peninsula, Cheetham Wetlands, Point Cook Coastal Park, You Yangs Mountains, other landmarks and even the moon, from Altona.

For the following photos, move the mouse over the photo to bring up the 4 buttons at the bottom right hand corner. Hovering the mouse over each button will bring up its tooltip. You can zoom in/out to have a closeup view of specific features using either the mouse scroll wheel or the +/- button. You can drag the photo around by holding the mouse. To return the photo to its original position, click the third “Go home” button. Click the last button if you want to have a full screen view.

My camera is a very old one, more than 10 years old. It is only 4.5 megapixels and I do not use the maximum resolution to save on disk storage space. It is capable of only taking very low-resolution videos of 30 seconds in duration. I am now reusing the photos that I have posted in this blog. However, I will replace these photos and add new ones, when I take more pictures and if I can afford a better camera. So watch this post for updates and new stuff!

View of Westgate Bridge (left) & Melbourne CBD (right) from the summit of Truganina Park

View of Melbourne CBD (left) & Dandenong Mountains (right) from Seaholme Esplanade

View of Melbourne CBD (left) & Dandenong Mountain Range (right) from Seaholme Reef

View of Melbourne CBD from Apex Park

View of Dandenong Mountain Range from Altona Pier

View of Altona Beach & Esplanade from Altona Pier

View of the Moon from Cherry Lake