During the past one month, on those days when the temperature rose beyond 30 degrees Celsius, we would wait until it got cooler in the early evening after which we would hit for the Altona Beach.

The water would have receded by then, exposing large parts of the seabed and leaving behind what I fondly call “islands”, as a result of the uneven elevations of the seabed. These exposed portions are called sandbars, as pointed out by Daniel Dendy (see comment).

Ansea Land B by Linda & Anthony Ang, on Flickr

These islands serve as “refuge” for seabirds and playgrounds for the beachgoers. Even adults play out their childhood fantasies on these islands.

Altona Pier A by Linda & Anthony Ang, on Flickr

This “Insea Land” phenomenon is a feature of the Altona part of Port Phillip Bay. If you have not been here before, come and see the islands, watch the setting sun and enjoy the evening breeze from the Pier.