Note: Spreadsheet last updated on 10 Apr 2011, 7:52 PM. Please inform me if you come across any error.

Metro has published the new train timetables that is scheduled to start on 8th May 2011. You can download the new timetable for the Werribee-Williamstown-Sydenhame Lines here. You can compare it to the current timetable, which is downloadable here, to see what are the detailed changes affecting your journey.

These timetables are in pdf format. I have compiled them into an Excel spreadsheet, which you can download by clicking here. The spreadsheet version helps to facilitate comparison, analysis and computation, such as calculating the time required for travel between two stations.

If you are travelling only on one line such as the Werribee Line, you can hide the “irrelevant” train stations, such as those stations on the Sydenham Line. To do this, use the mouse or keyboard to select the rows containing the unwanted stations, right click your mouse and select “Hide”. If you find this spreadsheet version useful, ask your friends to visit this page.

I will be doing some analysis on the new timetable. Hence, I will be updating this post repetitively in the future – do revisit this page to check for updates!