Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the sea surface off the coast of Altona? And what marine life has colonized or roamed the seabed of Altona Bay?

The flourishing of aquatic birds in the bay suggests an abundant supply of food to sustain these voracious eaters. It is an indicator of the health of the ecosystem and biodiversity well beyond what we can see. I guess the world below Altona would be as colourful and interesting as those above. There is probably a whole community of active residents down there. They live in a parallel universe – always there but inconspicuous and discovered only by those who trespass their territories.

 The only way to see the underwater world is to explore the place myself. However, neither have I the skill nor the means to make the dive.  I have always been interested in natural history documentaries and is a great fan of the wildlife filmmaker David Attenborough. Hence, I decided to browse YouTube to find out if any amateur filmmaker has shared videos of diving trips in Altona Bay.

It was a prized discovery to find videos filmed by Steve Trustrum, an enthusiast of scuba diving, boating and spearfishing. The Esplanade off the end of Millers Road is the location where he started his diving adventure. 

I am sure there is a stingray in the video. Perhaps, others can help to enlighten me on what sea creatures can be seen from these videos.