I was at my desk when I felt there was a sudden unusual movement beneath my chair, something like a shockwave rippling through the floorboard. Then I realized that this could be an earthquake.

I asked my wife whether she felt something. She said the windows appeared to be shaking. My daughter interjected and said no, it was her younger brother who was shaking the bed.

Already a lot of people are discussing the earthquake on Facebook and Twitter, much earlier than online news sites. From a Facebook source, this is a ‎5.2 Richter scale earthquake and the epicentre is at 38.244°S 146.194°E, 10 km southwest of Moe (near Trafalgar). It is a shallow earthquake at just 9.9km below ground, timed at 8:53 pm and lasting around 30–40 seconds.


Below is the map location of the epicentre (where the green arrow points):

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