I am a nature lover. I love to explore places, appreciate the beauties crafted by the hands of nature and be thrilled by new discoveries. This is the PRIMARY reason why I had decided to settle in Altona. Altona is blessed with abundant natural resources – sea, lake, creeks, swamps, saltmarsh, grasslands, parks, reserves, playgrounds, open spaces and teeming with wildlife, flora and fauna. Only 13 km away from Melbourne CBD, you can escape the commotions and hectic life of cosmospolitan Melbourne to be tucked away in a different world.

Many people say they prefer to live in the eastern suburbs because they are more desirable. I say I had made a lifestyle choice by living in Altona. I do not need to travel far to satisfy my cravings to be in touch with nature as all the parks and nature reserves are practically at my doorstep. I can go to the sea, lake or parks at my slightest whim as they are all so near. I would often admire the green open spaces through the windows of my front bedroom or living room and never fail to give thanks for this gift of being so close to nature.

I love Altona. But I also love Melbourne, love Victoria and love Australia. I feel fortunate to be living here as there are so many places that can be visited within a day trip from Melbourne. Before having my kids, I used to explore Victoria during each weekend. I was thrilled when I learnt that entry to all Victoria’s National Parks is now free. Yes, every single one of Victoria’s magnificent national parks is now free and this includes:

  • Wilsons Promontory National Park
  • Point Nepean National Park
  • Werribee Park
  • Mount Buffalo National Park
  • Baw Baw National Park (excluding the Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort)
  • Mornington Peninsula National Park
  • Yarra Ranges (Mount Donna Buang)
  • Coolart Wetlands and Homestead
  • National Rhododendron Gardens
  • William Ricketts Sanctuary


Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve in Williamstown is under Parks Victoria’s listing but none of Altona’s parks and reserves comes under Parks Victoria’s listing. I feel that the Altona community should lobby hard to get protection status for its nature reserves. Otherwise, we cannot be sure that the Altona Coastal Park or Truganina Coastal Parklands would not be sacrificed to make way for residential developments to cope with Melbourne’s booming population in the future.

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