I had spent two nights creating this online discussion forum, which I hope will help in promoting interactions and relationship building between different communities in the local area.

The URL is located at:

It covers a wide range of categories that I can possibly think of that will apply to the Hobsons Bay area. I welcome feedback and suggestions to improve the organization, layout and content.

I encourage everyone (living inside or outside Hobsons Bay) to visit this forum, register as a member and help to promote this forum by sharing it with your relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. I believe this forum will be very helpful in building an actively-engaging and bonding community, which will in turn make our environment a much better place to live in.

For those who are not familiar with online forums/bulletin boards, I wish to emphasize that they are meant to encourage members to participate in discussions and to benefit from these exchanges. It is unlike a blog/website which is primarily intended to convey information.

As this is a free site, this comes with advertisements unless I pay to remove these advertisements. Please do not let the advertisements bother you – they appear right at the top of the forum. There is one particular advertisement that says you have a new mail. If you click on the mail, you will be led to a new site displaying the advertisement. Just ignore it.

The forum gives me just 20 MB to store pictures in the gallery, unless I pay to increase the storage space. I simply turn off the Gallery feature. You still can post images and photos using the [IMG] tags but you need to host these images on other sites such as Flickr, Picassa, Imageshack, etc. which do give you free storage.

I am new to the creation and management of online forums and bulletin boards so I am still exploring and trying the various functionalities. As I gain the knowledge and expertise with time, the Forum will get better and better!