One day, when I was browsing videos on, the second largest video-hosting site in China, I discovered a very funny video about Julia Gillard. This video was made by Lenny Firth, an Adelaide man and originally posted on youtube.

Quoting from an article on this video from the Daily Telegraph:

“Stop writing trash about her – she’s the Prime Minister!” the mystery man wails. In his muddled defence of Ms Gillard, he adds: “She’s going out with a hairdresser!” He also says Australia’s first female Prime Minister has cruelly had a biscuit named after her – the ginger nut.

This reminds me of a photo published by The Australian, in which the caption was “Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her partner Tim Mathieson were surrounded by the Melbourne media and paparazzi as they attempted to enjoy their breakfast in Altona“.

Now, I will try to be cheeky and do a makeover for the caption.

Stop writing trash about her – she’s the Prime Minister! She’s going out with a hairdresser! Leave Julia alone.
Photo of Julia Gillard from The Australian website
Photo by Gary Ramage
Source: Link to the article from The Australian

In an interview with Kerri-Anne on Channel 9, Lenny has this to say about Tony Abbott: “Leave Tony alone. I mean they are accusing him of smuggling birds in his bathers. Tony got nothing to hide. A man who wears lycra has got nothing to hide! Leave him alone.

Interestingly, Tony Abbott sold his “legendary” budgie smugglers for $3400 in an eBay charity auction.

Tony Abbott in his budgie smugglers
Source: Link to the article from the Courier-Mail on 25 Jan 2010

Lenny Firth’s idea of the youtube video is not original. He copied it from an American internet celebrity, Chris Crocker, who gained international fame in 2007 from defending Britney Spears in his youtube video “Leave Britney Alone“. This video became viral, attracted over four million views in two days and received international media attention. It spawned a series of imitators such as “Leave Michael Jackson Alone“, “Leave Justin Bieber Alone“, “Leave Miley Cyrus Alone” and so on.

Feb 2012 update: The Greens leader Bob Brown is the latest person to ask the public to leave Julia alone. He said: “…Quite a bit of the criticism is sexist and unfair and unrelenting and the Prime Minister needs a bit of a break from that…” (Ref 1)

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