I received a phone call from my wife that when she returned from Coles this morning, my daughter asked why there is a hole in our front window. A rod was found pushed inside the hole and got stucked on our curtain.

My wife did open the windows to let in fresh air early this morning and the hole was not there yet. Hence, the attempted break in was during the time when my wife went out.

My wife called the police who in turn asked her to call the Altona North police station. To my surprise, the police said they are not coming to investigate. Nevertheless, I asked my wife to take photos of the crime scene.

I heard from my neighbours that this street has been very safe. The last attempted break-in was like 20-30 years ago and occurred to the next door neighbour of our Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Now this incidence has put me on the alert and I cannot assume that everything is safe. I would also inform my neighbours to be more vigilant of suspicious activities in the neighbourhood.