I love to be in close proximity with nature and to explore the nooks and crevices of places. This is a key reason why I choose to settle in Altona which is abundant with parks, gardens, water and wildlife.

I have explored many parts of Victoria, which I believe more so than many native-born locals. I always love to take a lot of photos during these trips and I have often received comments from others how spectacular these places look or how they did not know such a place has existed. This gave me an idea that I can actually share my travel experiences in this blog.

People both within and outside Altona may find these information useful. People from other parts of Melbourne may be attracted to read these posts and in the process, also go on to read other posts, thereby gaining a better understanding of Altona. This could be a strategy for this blog to reach out to a greater audience. After all, the initiating objective of this blog is to help clear some people’s misconceptions and prejudices towards Altona. A greater variety in content will help to achieve this end.

For those who do not know, this blog site is called Blogger (not blogspot) and is a service provided by Google. A limitation is that one can only create at most 10 standalone pages (which I called Sections in this blog). I have already used up all the 10 available pages. I will create a new section/page called “Excursions from Altona”. To do this, I have to remove an existing section. I will move “Interactive Quiz” into “Other Interesting Stuff”.