The Altona Laverton Historical Society has produced a calendar for 2011. It has a sleek, neat and clean design. It comprises a pack of 14 cards, one card per month plus the front and back cover, which slot compactly into a transparent CD case. Each card features an old photograph of Altona, including the JJ Hammonds Flight in 1911. To use the calendar, put the current month as the first card of the pack. By flipping the CD case cover over as shown in the photo below, the CD case is converted to a stand for the calendar.

ALHS Calendar in CD ALHS Calendar in CD opened

When the last card December 2011 is used, do not throw this calendar away as it serves as a very good souvenir and stores very compactly with your other CDs. This calendar is designed by Carol Winfield, the Vice-President of the Altona Laverton Historical Society (ALHS). It is available for purchase at $15 from the Altona Homestead, which is open every Saturdays 10am-12 noon, Tuesdays 11am-2pm and first Sunday of each month.

The embedded flash file at the bottom shows a preview of this calendar. It may take a very long time to load this file so I will advise that you go and do some other stuff (e.g. read your emails, news, etc) and come back 5 minutes later. Refresh this page if the connection times out. The effects are well worth the wait.

Move your mouse cursor to the bottom or top corner of each calendar page, hold your mouse button (do not release or click) and drag the mouse to turn the page, as you will with a real book. You can turn the pages forth and back and at any angle you wish. This flash file gives a rather realistic simulation of turning pages so you can see the effects of how the pages curl or roll when you flip them. Note that the cover is hard while the pages are soft. You can also flip the pages by clicking the corner of each page but the turning effect will be less realistic than if you hold and drag the mouse. This flash file comes with a song – you can mute it by clicking the Music button at the bottom.

There are other applications that produce even more realistic simulations or enable you to tear off pages but I was not able to embed files for those applications. Enjoy!

View the original larger version where you can see a wider frame and more of the car.