Free internet access in Altona?


No kidding?

@ Logan Reserve Central

As a result of an initiative driven by Hobsons Bay Mayor Tony Briffa under his 2012 Mayoral Program, we will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi internet access at Logan Reserve in the hub of Altona.  This program was launched by Cr Briffa at Logan Reserve on Thursday 8th March 2012, 12.00 p.m., with the objective of strengthening community engagement.

Free internet access will be available to WiFi-enabled mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops and iPads. You do not need a password for internet access. Users will share bandwidth and be subjected to a legal disclaimer. A firewall will enforce security policies, preventing access to restricted websites.

I think this will be really exciting as it may open up many possibilities on the productive and innovative usage of open space in Altona. This may mark the start of new recreational, social and community activities in Logan Reserve. Some of the stuff that come straight to my mind include:

  • Self and group study
  • Leisure reading
  • Professional and hobbies meetups
  • Alternative work areas e.g. for people wanting escapes from the confines of their offices or people whose inspirational and creative juices are stimulated by a natural surrounding.
  • Outdoor/alfresco teaching
  • Educational tours
  • Tourist information and eating/shopping guides from portable devices
  • Attracting more people to Altona will benefit local traders through increased retail spending.
  • Mobile dating (under the Moreton Bay Fig Trees?)
  • A place where online and real-world social networking converges.
  • Remote live entertainment e.g. connecting to entertainment activities elsewhere and projecting them on a big movie screen for outdoor events.
  • Teleconferencing and interviews

Of course, some of these activities will not happen if left to evolve on their own. The council can make use of the opportunities presented by new technology to make Altona and Hobsons Bay a much better place to live. It can in fact pioneer new visions and approaches which may become a model for other municipalities to follow.


THANKS to Tony for taking Altona a step ahead in technology!