Logan Reserve M

It was a sunny day so we decided to bring our 7 months old son to the playground at Logan Reserve. A man who was with his baby son, initiated a conversation with us.

He is a true global citizen, having traversed four continents. Originally from Cameroon in Western Africa, he went to France, then to Beijing, China to study Chinese Medicine. It is there where he met his current wife, who is a Caucasian from Brisbane. Having stayed in China for 8 years, his wife can speak and write fluent Chinese. He himself cannot speak Chinese.

I asked him why they did not choose to live in Brisbane. He said that they prefer Melbourne which is more multicultural and much less “white” than Brisbane. They had bought a house in Altona Meadows two years ago and had converted the garage to a clinic where he now practises Chinese Medicine. This is interesting to me.

When I arrived in Melbourne, I learnt that one of the favourite weekend pastimes here is conducting or attending garage sales. Now I am using my garage as a storeroom rather for carparking. I know some people use the garage as a workshop or factory. I have also read the touching story of how Brendan Nelson went to stay in Joe Hockey’s garage when he became broke after his divorce. For those who are after novel eating places, there is a a drive-in Garage Cafe tucked in an inconspicuous location opposite the University of Melbourne. The cafe serves Indonesian food such as Gado-gado, a yummy vegetable salad dressed in peanut sauce. I had seen this Cafe packed with people attending drink parties at nights.

I jested with my wife that if she has converted from Western to Chinese Medicine in China, she could also make use of our garage to practise Chinese Medicine.

We have forgotten to ask his name. Hope that he will send me an email if he happens to read this post.