Ayers Rock of Altona A

There’s a place in Altona,
I call it the Northern Territory,
For it lies on the northern frontier,
Between Cherry Lake & Kororoit,
A Forgotten Land, Barren and Desolate,
Out of this wind-swept plains,
Rises the Mysterious Ayers Rock of Altona,
The rains have ushered in Spring,
You are no longer forsaken,
For you will be the new Queen,
Worshipped by the people of Altona.

A Darker Shade of Red The Original Ayers Rock
Ayers Rock of Altona A red Uluru/Ayers Rock
Photo by Corey Leopold

Look at the ring at the base of both monoliths,
areas of darker colour on the right side and
the position of the clouds.

Low-hanging, little fluffy clouds floating above the Ayers Rock of Altona

Ayers Rock of Altona B

The Monolith of Australia

Ayers Rock (Uluru) und Olgas (Kata Tjuta) 07.-09.04.2007
Photo by Sven & Yara