Forwarding this email from Colleen Hartland.

Around 500 people attended the 2nd Altona Loop community meeting!

Congratulations to the Altona and Seaholme communities for their strength and determination in standing up for your right to have a decent train service. Residents sent a very strong message to the government and Metro that the proposed cuts are unacceptable.

We now have some follow-up work to do and you can help.

We’re looking for volunteers to help with the following:

  • data entry – we had many new people sign up and their details need to be entered so we can stay in touch
  • a mail out to those with postal addresses
  • online research
  • gathering the petitions from out in the community
  • other tasks in the office
My office is in Seddon and we’d love to have you come in and assist to make this campaign a success!

If you can help tomorrow, Friday 1st April, or Monday 4th or Tuesday 5th April, please contact Adele in my office on or phone 9689 6373.

There will be ongoing volunteer opportunities if you are unable to help on these dates and I’ll be in touch about these soon.

Keep up the great work!

NOTE: please post your petition copies ASAP – I’d like them by COB Monday 4th April. If you miss this date it is okay as I’ll be tabling petitions a second time in May. The address is PO Box 318 Seddon West 3011.

Kind Regards
Colleen Hartland

p.s. You can find more information on the Altona Loop train cuts and the community campaign by clicking here.

Don’t forget to send an email to the pollies and Metro.