When I first started this blog in 2010, there were not many good YouTube videos on Altona. But you can now find dozens of very high quality, professionally made videos online. This indicates Altona is shedding its image of a working-class, industrial suburb and increasingly being appreciated for its charms and natural beauty.

I am showing two videos from YouTube in this post. Both videos vividly depict the activities and ambience at Altona Beach on a typical sunny day.  In both videos, time-lapse editing is used to speed up the clip to show a flurry of activities in the same location by compressing the timeline while slowing the motion is used for recapturing key moments and achieving dramatic and surreal effects. Drones are used to capture stunning aerial views of the pier, waves, beach and coastline. I am gobsmacked by how breathtaking Altona appears from elevations and angles made possible only through these drones.

I love the nostalgic feel of the first vdeo, rendered by its sepia tone and tune of a bygone era. There is a consistent theme of ubiquitous signages, lapping seawaves, unhurried seagulls and long coastlines throughout the video clip.

In the second video, the emphasis is on the people and actions on the beach. There are people playing volleyball, children running on the sand and people strolling along the pedestrian trail. You can enjoy the whole afternoon at Altona Beach, engaging in a heap of activities or just lazing around.

Such videos do a lot to bring out the best of what Altona has to offer. I enjoy viewing them and will continue to share interesting YouTube videos in the future.