The beach can be a romantic place – think of strolling on the pier, relaxing on the beach and watching sunset. I am not surprised that Altona Beach has been chosen as the setting for wedding proposals.

The YouTube below shows a young man making use of the modern drone technology to propose to his girlfriend at Altona Beach. Of course this is not an innovation as a similiar sort of stuff had been done at least 4 years ago in 2014, according to a video which claims to have filmed the World’s First Drone Marriage Proposal.

In the second video, the viewers will initially think this is just a flash dance mob on Altona Beach, with some very amazing dance choreography and difficult dance moves. You will be in for a surprise towards the end of the video.

Below is a video of the same event filmed by another person from a different angle. You can actually find a third video on YouTube, which I did not include in this post.