Blessed with an abundance in bird life, Altona is a haunt for bird lovers and avid photographers. Last Sunday, we were on the trail just north of the car bridge crossing the Laverton Creek.

I have never seen so many birds flocking together. Apparently, this area including the mouth of the Laverton Creek and its sand spit, is a signifcant habitat for many bird species. There must be a plentiful supply of food that attracts birds to forage and roost here.

There is a special term used to describe birds flocking together, if the bird species in question are starlings. This is called murmuration. In Australia, starlings are only found in the northern region. Hence, we will not be able to see this amazing phenomenon of murmuration in Melbourne.

We were at Laverton Creek at about 8 A.M. I am not sure whether you will see so many birds everyday or we are simply lucky. I will make another visit to ascertain whether this flocking is a regular ritual or an occasional event.