The wetlands and foreshores of Altona are a haven for birds and birdwatching enthusiasts. According to, at least 90 bird species have been sighted in Altona in recent years. These are listed in alphabetical order at the end of this post.

Black swans (Cygnus atratusand) & their broods at Cherry Lake

Cherry Lake Sunset Black Swans 09

Cherry Lake Black Swans 04

Two Purple Swamphens (Porphyrio porphyrio) & Pelicans (in the distance) at Cherry Lake

Cherry Lake Swamp Hen 04

Seagulls near Altona Pier

Sea change
Photo by Elizabeth Donogue

Superb Fairywren (Malurus cyaneus) at Altona Coastal Park

Fairy Wren257
Photo by Liz Bamber

Royal Spoonbill (Platalea regia) at Laverton Creek

Royal Spoonbill 14-07-09
Photo by Adam Edmonds

Australian Pelicans (Pelicanus conspicillatus) at Seaholme Beach

Australian Pelicans (Pelicanus conspicillatus)
Photo by Graham’s Photo Show

White-fronted Chat (Epthianura albifrons) at Altona Coastal Park

White-fronted Chat (Epthianura albifrons)
Photo by Graham’s Photo Show

Rufous Whistler (Pachycephala rufiventris) at Cherry Lake

Rufous Whistler (Pachycephala rufiventris)
Photo by Graham’s Photo Show

Whiskered Tern (Chlidonias hybrida) at Laverton Creek Mouth

Whiskered Tern
Photo by Adam Edmonds

Pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus) at Altona Coastal Park

Why people shouldn't litter: Reason 1
Photo by Graham’s Photo Show

Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) in flight

Little Egret 2 22-4-10
Photo by Adam Edmonds

Brown Falcon (Falco berigora) at Truganina Swamp

Brown Falcon
Photo by Adam Edmonds

White Faced Heron (Egretta novaehollandiae) at Laverton Creek Mouth

White Faced Heron 19-05-09
Photo by Adam Edmonds

The species sighted in Altona include Arctic Jaeger, Australasian Gannet, Australasian Grebe, Australasian Pipit, Australian Magpie, Australian Pelican, Australian Pied Oystercatcher, Australian Reed-Warbler, Australian White Ibis, Black Kite, Black Swan, Black-fronted Dotterel, Black-shouldered Kite, Black-winged Stilt, Blue Winged Parrot, Brown Falcon, Brown Goshawk, Chestnut Teal, Common Blackbird, Common Greenfinch, Common Greenshank, Common Myna, Common Starling, Common Tern, Crested Pigeon, Crested Tern, Dusky Moorhen, Eurasian Coot, Eurasian Skylark, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, European Goldfinch, Fairy Wren, Flame Robin, Fluttering Shearwater, Galah, Golden-headed Cisticola, Great Cormorant, Great Egret, Grey Fantail, Grey Teal, Hardhead, Hoary-headed Grebe, House Sparrow, Little Black Cormorant, Little Egret, Little Grassbird, Little Pied Cormorant, Little Raven, Little Wattlebird, Magpie-lark, Masked Lapwing, Nankeen Kestrel, New Holland Honeyeater, Orange-bellied Parrot, Pacific Black Duck, Pacific Gull, Pied Cormorant, Purple Swamphen, Rainbow Lorikeet, Red Wattlebird, Red-browed Finch, Red-capped Plover, Rufous Whistler, Rock Dove, Royal Spoonbill, Silver Gull, Silvereye, Singing Honeyeater, Sooty Oystercatcher, Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater, Spotless Crake, Spotted Dove, Spotted Pardalote, Straw-necked Ibis, Striated Fieldwren, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Superb Fairy-wren, Swamp Harrier, Welcome Swallow, Whiskered Tern, Whistling Kite, White-browed Scrubwren, White-faced Heron, White-fronted Chat, White-necked Heron, White-plumed Honeyeater, Willie Wagtail, Yellow Thornbill and Yellow-rumped Thornbill.