When I first met Jill Bilston, the Manager of Louis Joel Arts & Community Centre, she showed me a quilt masterpiece, named “Life Cycle of the Blue Wren in Hobsons Bay” that is on permanent display at the Centre. This masterpiece consists of 6 quilt pieces representing the 6 stages in the life cycle of the Blue Wren. What makes this art piece so special is that it tells a story with the scenes projecting out like a paper cut out.

This art piece is created by Joan Hansen who has lived in Hobsons Bay for about 8 years. She was observing the flurry of activity in a birdnest near the back door of her house. The Mother Wren was teaching her offsprings to fly and was getting crossed when they did not follow her instructions. This inspired Joan to capture what she saw in knitting. She started doing the piece when she was 83 years old and took 2 years to complete. Due to her work, we are now able to relive the story of how the Blue Wren builds the nest, nurtures her offsprings and how the life cycle is repeated when the offsprings become independent.

Building the Nest Eggs Laid with Pride
1bo Nature's Creation - Building the Nest 2bo Eggs Laid with Pride 1
Father and Mother Bringing in Food Chicks for All to See
3bo Father & Mother Bringing in Food 4bo Chicks for All to See
Empty Nest All Fly Away into the Sunset
5bo Empty Nest 6bo All Fly Away into the Sunset