Ships are often moored off the coast of Altona in Port Phillip Bay, perhaps waiting for their turns to enter the Port of Melbourne. It is not uncommon to see 4-5 ships at any one time. They are quite a distance from the coastline and thus appear to fade into the horizon.

The above photo was taken at what is known locally as the Dog Beach. Being a dog off-leash area, this is a favourite haunt for dog owners. Here, the dogs are liberated and they would often chase each other on the sand bars that are exposed at low tides. It is possible to walk quite far out into the sea at low tides and the above photo gives the perception this hazy ship is looming right in front of the people. I am not sure what the elevated landmass in the horizon is. I do not think it is the Dandenong mountain ranges which I believe is located much more to the left in this photo.