When we moved to Altona in 2007, the local Coles supermarket closed at 6 pm on some days and at 7 pm on other days. The operation hours were extended to 12 midnight probably about a year later. I did not realize how helpful this change was until I had to do some urgent shopping late at night.

Tonight, my two and a half years old daughter was crying due to having great difficulties passing motion. My wife recalled that our family doctor advised her to eat prunes when she was suffering from serious constipation quite sometime ago. She found this method to be extremely effective as it took about 1-2 hours to take effect. It was 11 pm and my wife asked me whether Coles is still open. I said yes and left the house immediately to buy the prunes. I passed by Julia Gillard’s house, saw her lights on and four men chatting to each other on the nature strip. I suspect that they are her bodyguards as they are wearing suits and not police uniforms.

I was surprised that there were many cars parked along Pier Street North so there may be some activities going on in the Finnish Hall. I also saw a new gym “Run With Me Fitness Club” operating in the new residential/retail complex, opposite the Sweeney Swimming School. There were still a few people shopping at Coles. Besides getting the prunes, I decided to do some late night shopping as well.

When I returned home 20 minutes later, I still saw the four men talking to each other. I wonder whether they are going to have any sleep tonight …..