I have my vacation in southwest Victoria during the Christmas to New Year break. I went to this region only when I was unable to get accommodation in other places. I was fortunate to get accommodation for a holiday house in Cape Bridgewater that someone has given up due to visiting overseas friends. This holiday turned out to be one of the best that I have.

The following are my itineraries:

Tuesday 27th Dec 2011

  • Leave Altona early in the morning.
  • Toilet stop at Terang.
  • Lunch stop at Port Fairy, a walk along Fisherman’s Wharf and a photo shoot at the South Beach.
  • Photo shoot at the Codrington Wind Farm.
  • Visit the WWII Memorial Lookout Tower in Portland.
  • Take a photo of the Whaler’s Bluff Lighthouse.
  • Visit Portland Maritime Discovery and Information Centre.
  • Stroll along Portland Marina.
  • Drive on the Lee Breakwater to view Nuns Beach.
  • Do some shopping in Safeway, Aldi and Target in Portland.
  • Check in at holiday house in Cape Bridgewater.
  • Visit the Petrified Forest and Blowhole after dinner.

Wednesday 28th Dec 2011

Thursday 29th Dec 2011

  • Drive to Port Fairy.
  • Took a photo of Yambuk Inn and visit The Crags on the way. Saw a platypus at The Crags.
  • Visit the Port Fairy Information Centre.
  • Had lunch at Charlie’s on East Restaurant overlooking the Port Fairy Bay and East Beach.
  • Visit Griffiths Island. Walked from entrance to the Lighthouse. Unable to complete the circuit round the island as the walking tracks are unsuitable for pram. Saw a few wallabies and lots of butterflies.
  • Took a photo of the “Notorious” ship at Martin’s Point and a walk along Moyne River/Fisherman’s Wharf.
  • Visit Yambuk Lake on the return journey. Encountered sheep herding across the Yambuk Lake Road. Had a thrilling descent down the Yambuk Slide.

Friday 30th Dec 2011

  • Did the Seal Caves Scenic Walk early in the morning. Unfornately, this may not be the right timing to see the seals.
  • Spend the morning at Bridgewater Beach.
  • In the afternoon, drive to Nelson and take the walking trail round Livingstone Island.
  • Drive further west to cross the border into South Australia.
  • Visited Crater Lakes (Blue Lake, Valley Lake and Leg of the Mutton Lake) in Mount Gambier.
  • Had dinner at a Malaysian restaurant in Mount Gambier.

Saturday 31th Dec 2011

  • Checked out of the holiday house at Cape Bridgewater and embarked on the return journey.
  • Visited Tower Hill Reserve and had lunch there. Saw emus and a koala at the reserve.
  • Arrived at Warrnambool Information Centre. Took a photo of the Flagstaff Maritime Village there.
  • Visited Warrnambool Breakwater and Stingray Bay. Viewed the Middle and Merri Islands and Merri River.
  • Walked along the path to Pickering Point in Thunder Point Coastal Reserve.
  • Went to Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground for the kids to play around.
  • Bought some fruits and a roast chicken at Safeway and topped up our petrol.
  • Had an early dinner at MacDonald as I guess that this is the only place that is open on New Year Eve.
  • Made photo stops at Terang and Camperdown.
  • Finally reached our Altona home at about 9.20 p.m.

I have taken plenty of photos and videos, which I will put up in this blog with the travel information later on. I will also update this post with links to the various places mentioned in the itinerary above.