While the Altona Foreshore near the Pier is more sandy and has a beach, the Seaholme Foreshore is very rocky. In particular, the stretch with a good view of the Melbourne CBD, has many big boulders on the seabed, which are exposed at low tides.

In the above photo, you can zoom in to have a closer look at the Melbourne CBD and the Dandenong Mountain Range to the right.

Seaholme Boat1

According to Altona Yacht Club’s document, the Seaholme Reef is also known as Wise’s Reef. The Seaholme Foreshore is a favorite spot with boaters and for fishing.

Seaholme Coast A

You can see people unloading boats from their cars besides the Seaholme Foreshore.

Seaholme Beach A

Below is a spectacular video taken by Darren. From Millers Road, he turned his car left into the Esplanade and stopped at the same location shown in the photo above, where there is a ramp to the beach. In this video, you can really sense the roundness of the Earth and the ubiquitousness of water.